Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight review and swap ... with pics to come

So I got back into crafts here recently after returning from Culinary school. I joined the Twighlight movie swap. I first started reading the book series this summer, three years after the first book came out, and right after the last in the series came out. Here are the books out so far, as I like to think that Stephenie Meyers is still working on new installments"

Come to find out about halfway through the series that there will be a movie coming out in Novemeber. So now I'm truly sucked in. I do hate when people people make movies out of my favorite books, cause they usually screw them up. Its still exciting though and I of course go opening night.

This was no exception. Thus, I joined the twililight movie swap on It was fun, and yet I remember how stressful swaps can be, mostly when you're a procrastinator like I am and the deadline sneaks up on you quick. Needless to say, I sent a little late. But I recieved from my partner exactly on time. the monday before the moview premiere.

Will be posting pictures of what I got and gave here:

And then I headed out to the movie for a Friday Premiere the 7PM showing. Bless my BF that went with me and nearly had a cardiac arrest when he saw the line and how it was filled 15 year old girls. We got there a little after 6:30PM and it was already packed. As we were standing in line a guy walked by and asked "What is this line for?" to no one in particular. There was a group of older girls (Prolly 20-22) and they all said in unison "Twilight!" and then one said "Except for these two probably." I guess we didn't look like a pair that would go to this movie??

Oh well, we finally got in the theatre and got some decent seats. We sat through 30 mins of commercials and previews. One of which was for the new Harry Potter, and it looks fabulous!! As soon as the movie started and the cheers and yelps from all the girls stopped I knew I was in trouble. I knew it was a low budget film, but was not expecting a Lifetime movie. It was about that quality of acting and editing. Don't get me wrong I love lifetime movies as much as the next, but was just expecting a little more.

As for the rest...I didn't like the changes in the story that they made. In the book it takes place over months of school and they make it seem more like a month and a half. They messed up some of my favorite scenes in the book too, bummer. The special effects they did use were a bit corny. I guess they worked, but I'm spoiled and expected more from a major motion picture. I heard from a lot of reviewers before I went that the "baseball" scene was very corny, but I thought it was the best part honestly.

Overall I didn't like the interpretation from director, Catherine Hardwicke. I think most people enjoyed it though and thats why it was so popular and they are already making sequel "New Moon" , which I will also go see I'm sure, in hopes that they get a bigger budget. Sorry for going on about it, but I had been anticipating this for a while now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

OK, back into craft mode....just finished a scarf for a Fall Scarf Swap on Craftster. Next working on stuff for the Twilight The Movie Swap due in a couple of weeks. Have some ideas going but don't want to post in case she checks my blog. Will post swap pictures as they arrive at their owner's house!

PS....yes I did Vote!