Friday, December 12, 2008

Handmade Christmas...

I've decided to only make stuff for christmas, due to lack of funds and a general scroogness that I possess concerning this holiday. I think its mostly my age that has me in such a bad mood. Its two weeks to Christmas and it doesn't feel like it at all! I go downtown and look at the trees and wreaths, I take in all the lights and Santas, it just doesn't feel right anymore.

I've decided it probably won't feel right again until I have my own kids and has new meaning. Thats still a long way off though so I'll have to stick to scrooging it up....there always has to be One right?

Anyway, the point of this post is sharing the items I'm making. I've already made my sister some pedicure socks that look kinda like these...but are two shades of gray.

I'm currently working on this hat for my brother. I think it will work for a guy too right? Plus he has dreads and needs to reign them in somehow??


Monday, December 1, 2008

Twilight swap....what I got...

Right now I only have pictures of what I got in this swap. Will be posting what I made later....if I can get my slow home computer to work. I have so many photos at home that everytime I open iphotos to upload more from my camera it takes forever on my ancient for now what I got from my awesome partner Cullenshield.

A bookmark with each book cover. This was great cause I usually use whatever is around for a bookmark and now I'll actually have one:

An awesome clutch/purse:
inside purse

Twilight short sleeve shirt:
Twilight tee

Team Edward long sleeve tee:
Team edward

The red ribbon came wrapped with each item. It was pretty, but I jumped right into opening and didn't take a picture.

More to come when I get what I made pics uploaded!!